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Voice    Actor



A voice with wheels!

One of a kind!



Looking for the complete package? Well... prepare to be floored! 

It takes more than just a voice to stand out from the crowd. And let’s face it, there’s a LOT of crowd out there! Let me help you!

Looking for a unique voice that is versatile and can land any trick? I have trained with the best so I can be the best. You need someone with an incredibly strong work ethic and loves their work? Every client is incredibly important and I want to stick every landing. You cannot afford to wipe out and I will never bail on you.

I am stoked to work with you!


See you at the sesh!

Commercials · Animation · Video Games · Narration · Elearning · Corporate 


Jason is not only a consummate professional and great at taking direction, he’s a tremendously versatile talent who actually sounds like the guy next door, but can bring authority to reads just as comfortably. Hire him. You won’t be disappointed.​

J Michael Collins

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