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My Voiceover

'hear' goes...



I'm a competitive guy who runs my own race. The athlete in me loves running and cycling, and  I compete in triathlons. But my nerdy side... well, I also played Ultimate Frisbee in college! 

I'm a proud James Madison University graduate... GO DUKES! I graduated from JMU with a bachelor of science degree with a music minor. In college I did all the geektastic things.... trumpet player for Marching Royal Dukes and a two year member of The Cadets drum and bugle corp (99, 00), a ten time world champion.  In The Cadets, we would spend 16 hours a day marching and playing. We slept on the bus or the gym floor, it was incredibly grueling and I loved every minute!

I also minored in gaming. Well not really, but I may as well have.

I've been a gamer geek since my Atari 2600!

Arcades? Yes, please.

Halo2? Hell yeah.

Role-playing games? My dominion or yours? 

 I'm a super active dad and husband too. I love my family and they are my everything! 

 In addition to a great read, I provide my voiceover clients with an exceptional, broadcast-ready sound from my studio. I am truly dedicated to my clients and love what I do!

Ready to give me a shot? Show me some copy

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