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UPDATE: Sharing successes and updates

Things have been very busy! I have been training with the absolutely fantastic Elley Ray Hennessy! Check her out at .

You may not know that my business is actually called Thomsen Voiceovers. I created the name years back just in case my son became interested in voiceovers. I didn't want to pressure him into it!

My son has been cast in an upcoming podcast "The Dadbod of Destiny" (great title, right??)! He is the main character's son, Landon. The first episode is out now and be on the lookout for future episodes as you will hear yours truly in the future.

Check it out here:

I have a lot of other exciting news in the future. Unfortunately due to some NDAs I can't talk about them yet. Stay tuned!!

Lastly, the website has been going through a few aesthetic changes. Be on the lookout for new ones!

Bye for now, and please take care of yourselves!


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